Working Together as One: Building a Program in Indigenous Studies at the University of Toronto

An Invited Lecture in the Series on Language Sciences Across Disciplines
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 4:00pm
Orchard View Room, Discovery Building, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
Speaker and Affiliation: 
Keren Rice, University of Toronto

Abstract: Indigenous issues have been central in Canada for at least the past fifty years, and this centrality is increasingly echoed in the university setting, with the development of Indigenous studies programs at universities across the country. In this talk, I set the stage by examining the broader political setting, and then talk from my experience of establishing the Indigenous Studies program at the University of Toronto in the early 1990s to describe how the program has evolved since then, the challenges it has faced, and its current position. I will also discuss  what we have learned. I will focus in particular on the role that languages and linguistics has played in these developments. 


Eric Raimy,
Department of Linguistics and Language Institute