2018 SLA Summer Research Partnerships

SLA core faculty are invited to submit their proposals for joint summer research projects that would involve an SLA student project assistant and SLA core faculty member. We have allocated $3,000 for the summer 2018 projects. Ideally proposals will be written jointly by an SLA student and faculty member; however, proposals from a faculty member who has not identified a student partner in advance will be accepted with the understanding that an open job announcement will be made if the project is funded. 
By Monday, April 16, please submit proposals of 200-250 words to Wendy. Proposals should include the following:
–a short description of the research project and the tasks that would be assigned to the student assistant
–the number of hours needed
— qualifications/skills required of the student assistant
–prospective outcomes of the project and benefits to the student, which might include a conference presentation or published article or, at the very least, new research skills and perspectives gained
Student positions will be paid as hourly project assistantships at the rate of $17.36/ hour. For the past three summers, we have supported projects with student appointments of between 20 and 80 hours.
The purpose of this support program is to enhance the connection between SLA faculty and graduate students while providing the students research experience and the faculty research assistance.