Better Wed Over the Mixen than Over the Moor


UW-Madison students can study over 40 different languages; many may end up marrying a native speaker of the language they study. Is that a good idea? Here are some words of wisdom from languages taught at UW-Madison.


“Better wed over the mixen than over the moor.” – English (It’s better to marry a neighbor than someone from far away. The ‘mixen’ is a place where dung and refuse are put.)


“Moglie e buoi dei paesi tuoi.” – Italian (Find wives and cattle from where you were


 – Persian (Marry relatives and do business with strangers.)


“Qui se marie à la hâte se repent à loisir.” – French (Marry in haste and repent at


If you know other proverbs about marrying foreigners, please send them to Richard Young. His daughter is getting married in September.


–by Richard Young, SLA core faculty