Jacques Arceneaux

Dissertation: Learning to Play, Playing to learn: Language Play in Beginning College French
Director: Sally Magnan
Current affiliation: Instructor of French, Foreign Languages Department, City College of San Francisco

Alice Astarita

Dissertation:  Social Class and Foreign Language Learning

Director: Richard Young

Affiliation: MiraCosta College (Oceanside, CA)

Michele Back

Dissertation: "We Did the Wrong Dance": Ecuadorian Musicians Negotiating Language and Identity in a Transnational Community
Director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor, World Languages Education and Second Language Acquisition, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, University of Connecticut

Carolina Bailey

Dissertation: English Native Speakers' L2 Acquisition of the Clitic Se
Directors: Catherine Stafford and Yafei Li
Current affiliation: Spanish Instructor, World Languages Department, Madison Area Technical College

Carolina Bernales

Dissertation: 'Willingness to Participate' in the Foreign Language Classroom: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study
Director: Monika Chavez 

Institutional affiliation: Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile
Barbara Bird

Dissertation: No "Burning Desire" to Study Italian Literature: Motivation and Procedural Display in a Third-Year Italian Course
Director: Diana Frantzen
Current Position:  Instructor/Lead Faculty for Italian, College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas

Sookyung Cho

Dissertation: A Sense of Writing: Literacy Among Bicultural Koreans in the United States
Director: Richard Young and Deborah Brandt
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor, Soongsil University, South Korea

Ya Ju (Alice) Chuang


Dissertation: "Can’t You be More Like Them?": Imbalanced Cultural Representations of Learners’ Experiences and Identities in Locally-Grown English Textbooks


Director: Francois Tochon


Amy Clay

Dissertation: Constructing Metalinguistic Knowledge about Past Tense Form In L2 French

Director: Amy Clay

Affiliation: Instructor, Director of Basic Language for French, University of Illinois

Anne Dargent-Wallace

Dissertation: Teaching American Culture in France: Language Assistants' Identity, Construction and Interculturality
Director: Sally Magnan and Diana Frantzen

Current affiliation: adjunct faculty at St Catherine University in St Paul, Minnesota; French Lecturer at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Peter De Costa

Dissertation: The Power of Language Ideologies: Designer Immigrants Learning English in Singapore
Director: Jane Zuengler
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor, MA TESOL and the Second Language Studies programs, Michigan State University

María del Carmen De Avila

Dissertation: Spanish Language Shift and the Linguistic Repertoires of Second-Generation Zacatecanos in Chicago
Director: Diana Frantzen

Isabelle Drewelow

Dissertation: The Influence of Instructed Learning on American College Students' Cultural Assumptions About the French Language and People
Director: Sally Magnan
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Classics, University of Alabama

Christine Elliott

Dissertation: Locally Situated Literacies and the Challenges of English Language Education in Laos
Directors: Margaret Hawkins and Jane Zuengler

Işıl Erduyan

Dissertation:  Multilingual Construction of Identity: German-Turkish Students in Berlin
Directors: Maggie Hawkins and Jane Zuengler

Current affiliation: Bosphorus University (post-doctoral research project)


Paula Garrett-Rucks

Dissertation: Language Learners' Mediation of Cultural Perspectives Through Online Discussions
Director: Sally Magnan
Current affiliation (Fall 2011): Assistant Professor, Foreign Language Education, Georgia State University

Shenika Harris


Dissertation: Multicompetence in Foreign Language Writing: Function, Effects, and Beliefs
Director: Diana Frantzen
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Spanish, Lindenwood University


Atsushi Hasegawa

Dissertation: Learner Construction of Task-in-Process: A Conversation Analytic Study Semiscripted Peer Interaction
Director: Sally Magnan and Junko Mori
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor, Japan Studies
Director of Japanese Language
Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures
University of Kentucky

Suyeon Kim

Dissertation: Gesture in a Second Language: Resources for Communication and Cognitive Mediation
Director: Mitchell Nathan and Richard Young
Current affiliation (Fall 2011): Assistant Professor and Director, English Education Center, Anyang University, South Korea

Akira Kondo

Dissertation: From Being to Becoming, Becoming to Being: A Critical Examination of Racialized Identities and Language Learning in the United States
Directors: Maggie Hawkins 

Current affiliation: Amazon.com

Jina Lee

Dissertation: Talking to the Self: Private Speech by Adult Korean-English Bilinguals
Director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of English Education, Sangmyung University, South Korea

Yang Liu

Dissertation: A Study of L2 Chinese Learners' Motivational Self System
Director: Richard Young

Aree Manosuthikit

Dissertation: Language Ideologies and Practices of a Burmese Community in the U.S.: A Critical Perspective on Multilingualism
Director: Jane Zuengler
Current affiliation: School of Language and Communication, National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, Thailand

Nelly Martin


Dissertation: Bahasa gado-gado in Indonesian popular texts: Expanding Indonesian identities through code-switching with English
Director: Katrina Daly Thompson 
Current affiliation: Visiting lecturer, Department of English Language Education, Sanata Dharma University, Indonesia

Margaret Merrill

Dissertation: Communities of Foreign Language Teachers as a Source of Professional Development
Director: Diana Frantzen
Current affiliation: University of California, Davis

Fatemeh Mirsharifi


Dissertation: " Learning a foreign language as 'strategy": Attitudes of learners of 'strategic' languages (Arabic and Persian) and local heritage languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) toward foreign language communities" 


Director: Monika Chavez


Current Affiliation: Persian lecturer and language program coordinator, University of California, Berkeley

Ae Ree Nam

Dissertation: Exploring Motivation and Persistence in Foreign Language Learning Among Students in University Korean Courses 

Director: Monika Chavez

Affiliation: Lecturer, Leiden University, Netherlands

Brajesh Samarth

Dissertation: Attrition and Maintenance of Home Languages in the Indian-Diaspora in the United States
Director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: Language Center, Stanford University

Chiharu Shima

Dissertation: Language Socialization Process of Indonesian and Filipino Nurses in Japan
 Junko Mori 
Current affiliation: 
Assistant Professor, Akita International University, Japan

Sandra Elena Terra

Dissertation: Teachers’ Language Perspectives and Educational Practices in Mozambique: Narratives, Legitimate Spaces and Bilingual Implementation
Director: Maggie Hawkins
Current Affiliation: Assistant professor of Spanish in a concentration in SLA, Linfield College 

Elizabeth Tremmel

Dissertation: The Disciplinary Identity Construction of International Graduate Students: Positioning Across Contexts
Director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: English for International Students, Duke University

Robin Worth

Dissertation: Learner Resistance in the Foreign Language Classroom
Director: Sally Sieloff Magnan and Thomas D. Cravens
Current affiliation: Researcher with the Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Snezhana Zheltoukhova


Dissertation:  Tutoring in a Russian Flagship Program: Student and Tutor Perceptions and Their Organizational Representation

Advisor: Karen Evans-Romaine and Francois Tochon

Affiliation: Stetson University (Florida)