SLA Graduate School Fellowship Competition 2021-22

The SLA Program is pleased to announce a competition for UW-Madison Graduate School Fellowships for the 2021-22 academic year.

Current SLA majors  in good standing and dissertator status are invited to submit applications. The program will award two single-semester fellowships in 2021-22 for our current students. Please note that you must be a dissertator to be eligible for this competition.

The Graduate School Fellowship covers

1. a stipend totaling $11,454.50 per 4½-month semester,

2. payment of all tuition and segregated fees during the fellowship period, and

3. eligibility for health insurance during the fellowship period.

It is important to remember that these fellowships are awarded for the express purpose of allowing students to work on their studies full-time, so additional TA or PA appointments typically are not allowed. If your current assistantship might present an exceptional case, for example there is risk of losing it if you give it up for a fellowship, please speak with your adviser to plan the best path forward. Note that in all cases, hourly appointments of up to 10 hours/week MAY be held concurrently with a fellowship.

To apply for the Fellowship, submit your application materials to Kristin Dalby ( by April 1.  

The application should include the following:

1)    SLA-fellowship-application-21-22

2)      a description of your specific need for the fellowship – limit of 2,000 characters, including spaces

3)      curriculum vitae

4)      an account of your specific goals for academic work to be completed during the fellowship period if awarded the fellowship – limit of 1,000 characters, including spaces

5)      a short statement – a single paragraph will suffice – from your advisor assessing your progress. The advisor should email the statement directly to Kristin.

In addition, dissertators should include a dissertation abstract – limit of 2,000 characters, including spaces – and a narrative timeline for completion of your dissertation, including how much you have already written and when you expect to complete various dissertation milestones  – limit of 1,000 characters, including spaces.

Applications will be reviewed by the SLA Steering Committee and decisions will be made based on the academic merit of the application and your progress to date in the program.

For questions about this competition or about the fellowships, please contact Kristin Dalby, Program Coordinator, or Monika Chavez, Program Director.