SLA Graduate Student Organization (SLAG)

SLAG is a registered student organization representing students in the Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition.

SLA Graduate Student Symposium

Each year since 2008 students from the UW-Madison SLA Program have joined with SLA students from University of Iowa to host the SLA Graduate Student Symposium, held alternately in Madison and Iowa City.  Student organizers invite keynote speakers, review presentation proposals, secure funding, and arrange all aspects of the two-day event. The Symposium is a wonderful chance for students to meet other scholars, young and more experienced, gain practice presenting before peers, and get feedback on their work and ideas.  The 2020 Symposium will be held April 24-25 on the University of Minnesota campus.


picture of Kazeem Sanuth and Johannes Wagner


photo: SLA student Kazeem Sanuth with Johannes Wagner, University of Southern Denmark, at the 2012 SLA Graduate Student Symposium