SLA Student Research and Travel Award

The PhD Program in Second Language Acquisition is pleased to announce the 2019-20 Student Research and Travel Award competition, the purpose of which is to provide SLA Program doctoral students with financial support for expenses related to dissertation research or conference travel.

Awards are competitive, and priority will be given to dissertators with approved proposals. Conference travel that does not include presenting will not be funded. Expenses related to conference travel are understood to include conference registration fee, airfare, transportation between airport and conference hotel, lodging, and/or meals.

Please note that you cannot be awarded support more than once per academic year, and limited funding resources will require awards to be capped. The amount of the awards will depend on available resources and the number of meritorious applications received. You should not expect that an award will cover all expenses incurred and, as always, you are strongly encouraged to apply for additional financial support through other funding sources such as the Graduate School’s Student Research Grants Competition.

Research-related expenses are understood to include costs related to travel to conduct fieldwork, compensation for study participants (proof of IRB approval required), statistical analyses (e.g., software licenses, consultation services), transcription services, equipment, and/or other materials needed to conduct the dissertation study.

Please note that awards will be made either through reimbursement (for travel) or a taxable lump sum payment (for research expenses that don’t include travel). Awardees should plan to meet with the Language Institute financial specialist to determine the best method of payment.  Please note that travel expense reports should be submitted within 90 days of the travel or the expenses will not be reimbursed.

Important: Travel expenses that may be reimbursed through this award must adhere to university travel and accounting policies.  It is strongly suggested that when you are planning travel that *may* be reimbursed to contact the Language Institute financial specialist to make sure that anticipated expenses are reimbursable and that purchases are made through approved vendors.

Airline reservations must be made with Fox World travel or via the Concur self-booking tool to be eligible for reimbursement. Visit for access to the contract vendor/booking tool and other University travel-related information. You must submit receipts for all expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement, up to the amount of the award. You may request reimbursement for conference registration and airfare (or bus or trainfare) as soon as those purchases are made (and in advance of the actual travel). If you would like the department to book your tickets via Fox Word Travel/Concur, please contact Kristin Dalby at In addition, lodging reservations must be made directly with the lodging facility or via Concur/Fox World Travel. Use of internet based lodging brokers or third party sites (e.g. Expedia,, Kayak, Priceline, Airbnb, Hotwire) is prohibited. Those making airline reservations for international travel are strongly encouraged to call Fox Travel instead of using Concur.

To be eligible for an award, expenses must be/must have been incurred between the following dates:

September 15, 2019-May 15, 2020 (for Nov 15 deadline)

February 15, 2020-September 14, 2020 (for April 1 deadline)


To apply, please submit the following materials electronically to Kristin Dalby (, SLA program coordinator, NO LATER THAN 5:00pm, Thursday, November 15, 2019 or 5:00pm, Wednesday, April  1, 2020.

Proposals for dissertation research support

  • Current CV
  • Brief description (limit 500 words) of your dissertation project including rationale for the research and description of the research design/method
  • Brief budget statement (limit 150 words) describing the intended use of the award, and an explanation of relevant rates (e.g., per hour of consultation; payment per participant; payment per material purchase, etc.), and appropriate multipliers (e.g., hours needed, anticipated participant numbers, etc.)
  • Note on other sources of funding secured or applied for (if applicable)
  • New! If the applicant has not yet defended his/her dissertation proposal, a short statement by the advisor approving the planned research should be included.

Proposals for conference travel support

  • Current CV
  • Conference title and dates
  • Title and abstract of paper
  • Documentation of the paper’s acceptance
  • Brief statement about why the conference presentation is important to you at this time and your plan for “debriefing” about the conference with SLA colleagues
  • Budget and description of expenses that have been or will be incurred using the provided Budget Template for Language Institute and SLA PhD Program Grants.
  • Note on other sources of funding secured or applied for (if applicable)