SLA Student Symposium

2025 SLA Student Symposium

The host of the 2025 SLA Student Symposium is University of Wisconsin-Madison. This will be the first edition of the event that will be open to both undergraduate and graduate students! The theme of the symposium is Belonging in SLA: Locating the researcher and the researched in an transdisciplinary field.

As students investigating language phenomena from diverse perspectives, we know that our research can belong in many different academic strands often kept separated by academic units, departments, or conferences. Consequently, we believe a wide variety of research can be used to consider: How does Second Language Acquisition (SLA) belong as its own field in broader academia and how do SLA researchers transform and apply instruments from other research areas to examine language-related issues that impact our world? The 2025 SLA Student Symposium intends to be an opportunity for researchers at early stages of their academic career to showcase how their work belongs in such a transdisciplinary field. The Symposium seeks a diverse range of presentations about how language acquisition, language learning, language teaching, and multilingualism belong within today’s world in relation to sociocultural, educational, psychological, anthropological and technological perspectives. We especially welcome work that considers historically underrepresented participants, perspectives from historically underrepresented researchers, and that pushes the boundaries of what could be considered SLA phenomena.

The Call for Abstracts will be released in the upcoming Fall 2024. In the meantime, use this link to see the details of our last edition of the SLA Graduate Symposium hosted in 2022 by UW-Madison. 

Questions? Send an email to or contact the symposium co-chairs directly at Rebecca Sawyer, Martiniano Etchart, and/or Natalia Petrova.