Marina Tsylina

Credentials: Advisors: Monika Chavez and Karen Evans-Romaine


I graduated from Nizhniy Novgorod Linguistics University in Russia in 2006 with a major in Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures. Since that time, I have been teaching foreign language courses. I have taught English as a foreign language at a university in Russia to students of different proficiency levels. I have also taught heritage Russian courses at Portland State University (2009-2010), beginning Russian language courses at the University of Oregon (2014-2016), a variety of courses in the Russian Flagship Program at Portland State University (2016-2017), and an advanced level Russian language course in Indiana University Summer Language Workshop (2018-2020).

In terms of my dissertation research, I am interested in a very practical question of how Russian leaners experience themselves in instructed learning. Namely, I focus on learners’ perceptions of themselves as FL writers and how these perceptions impact their motivation to write in Russian.