Monika Chavez

Position title: SLA Director, Professor, Dept of German, Nordic & Slavic+, Language(s): German


Headshot of Monika Chavez

Research Interests:

Classroom language use, particularly L1 use; beliefs and assumptions about language inside and outside the classroom, its affiliated cultures, and its speakers (native and non-native/teachers & learners).

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Selected Courses:

  • Language Evidence (Fall 2008)
  • The L1 in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching* (Spring 2009)
  • Beliefs and Motivation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (Fall 2009)
  • Foreign Language Writing (Fall 2010)
  • The Speaking Ecology of a Foreign Language Classroom (Spring 2012)
  • Research in Second Language Acquisition (Fall 2013)
  • Hot Seat – Language Program Direction (Fall 2014)
  • The Language Classroom as a Social Space (Spring 2016)
  • The Language Classroom from the Student View (Fall 2016)
  • Survey Research in Second Language Acquisition (Spring 2017)
  • The Language in Language Learning & Teaching (Fall 2017)
  • The L2 as Self and Social Expression (Fall 2018)