Sandrine Pell

Advisor: Richard Young

I was born in France, not far from Lyon (between the Beaujolais and Burgundy wine regions). Since getting my Masters in Teaching French as a Second Language, I have taught French and English for 15 years in different contexts (primary and secondary public schools, language schools, universities) and in different countries (India, China, Morocco, France, the UK). These experiences triggered my curiosity about how languages were learnt and used, leading me to join the UW Second Language Acquisition (SLA) program in 2011.

My doctoral research focuses on issues of identity, language and power within institutional contexts. After living and working in France and in Morocco, I became aware of the tension within French society and youth of Maghrebi descent. For my dissertation, I want to study how Franco-Maghrebi students’ negotiate their identities within the French education system. This is an important and timely issue, and I feel that this research is needed both from a theoretical and political stance.