Sara Farsiu

Advisor: Katrina Thompson


I am a dissertator in Second Language Acquisition Program at UW-Madison. I received my M.A. in English Philology, General Linguistics, and Iranian Studies from the University of Cologne, Germany in 2012.


I have been a teaching and lecturer assistant in Persian and German at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since September 2014. For the beginning, intermediate, and advanced Persian, I develop almost all the teaching material myself. In Summer 2016, I worked as a Faculty Associate (Language Lecturer) for the Arabic, Persian, Turkish Language Immersion Institute (APTLII) at UW-Madison. In Summer 2015, I volunteered in China and taught ESL. In Summer 2014, I worked as a German language teacher and a counselor at Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota.


My research interests include documenting the experiences and language trajectories of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East, the influence of cultural differences in learning a foreign language, mother tongue education in Iran, minority and refugee education, age and L2 learning, and the advantages and disadvantages of native and non-native speaking language teachers.


In 2013, I published “Shemiran: The Palaces and Gardens”, in Farhang-e Mardom, an Iranian Folklore Quarterly, No. 45-46, pp. 16-40, in Persian.