Wendy Johnson

Wendy is the Assistant Director of the UW-Madison Language Institute where, among other duties, she serves as program coordinator for the Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition. Wendy’s own background includes an M.A. and completed PhD coursework and exams in the Department of Slavic Languages & Literature where she taught Russian and studied literature. In her work for the SLA Program, Wendy works closely with the director to manage administrative aspects of the program, including maintaining student records and tracking student progress, coordinating the admissions process, managing the website and other communications, and event planning. Her other responsibilities in the Language Institute including planning and coordinating outreach programs to stimulate interest in and support of learning languages, especially among K-12 students, in the state of Wisconsin. She also serves as the Language Institute office manager, supporting office technology and physical space in the Language Institute’s Van Hise Hall office.