Nelly Martin has published a chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Southeast Asian Englishes, edited by A. Moody of the University of Macau, and published in March 2024. The link to the handbook is here:

Nelly’s chapter is entitled ‘English in Expanding Circle Popular Cultures of Southeast Asia.” In it, she uses popular cultural products from Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia to showcase how English and local languages have been used creatively.

Nelly is currently a Lecturer of Academic English at Massey University, New Zealand.


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Jacques Arceneaux
Dissertation: Learning to Play, Playing to learn: Language Play in Beginning College French
Dissertation director: Sally Magnan
Current affiliation: Instructor of French, Foreign Languages Department, City College of San Francisco

Alice Astarita
Dissertation:  Social Class and Foreign Language Learning
Dissertation director: Richard Young
Current Affiliation: MiraCosta College

Clara (Bicho) Salto Weis Azevedo
Dissertation: Heritage speakers of Spanish learning to write in their heritage language
Dissertation director: Cathy Stafford
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of San Diego

Michele Back
Dissertation: “We Did the Wrong Dance”: Ecuadorian Musicians Negotiating Language and Identity in a Transnational Community
Dissertation director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut

Carolina Bailey
Dissertation: English Native Speakers’ L2 Acquisition of the Clitic
Dissertation directors: Catherine Stafford and Yafei Li
Current affiliation: Spanish Instructor, Chair of World Languages Department, Madison College

Carolina Bernales
Dissertation: ‘Willingness to Participate’ in the Foreign Language Classroom: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study
Dissertation director: Monika Chavez
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Linguistics Department and core faculty and member of the academic committee in the Doctoral Program in Linguistics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile

Barbara Bird
Dissertation: No “Burning Desire” to Study Italian Literature: Motivation and Procedural Display in a Third-Year Italian Course
Dissertation director: Diana Frantzen
Current Affiliation: Lead Faculty for Italian, Department of World Languages, College of Southern Nevada

Tim Cavnar (2023)
Dissertation: Chinese International Students’ Academic Writing: The Role of Social Networks in Shaping Language Ideologies on a US University Campus
Dissertation director: Kate Vieira
Current Affiliation: University of Michigan Career Center

Sookyung Cho
Dissertation: A Sense of Writing: Literacy Among Bicultural Koreans in the United States
Dissertation director: Richard Young and Deborah Brandt
Current affiliation: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

Ya Ju (Alice) Chuang
Dissertation: “Can’t You be More Like Them?”: Imbalanced Cultural Representations of Learners’ Experiences and Identities in Locally-Grown English Textbooks
Dissertation director: François Tochon

Amy Clay
Dissertation: Constructing Metalinguistic Knowledge about Past Tense Form In L2 French
Dissertation director: Cathy Stafford
Affiliation: Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of Basic Language for French, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Anne Dargent-Wallace
Dissertation: Teaching American Culture in France: Language Assistants’ Identity, Construction and Interculturality
Dissertation directors: Sally Magnan and Diana Frantzen

Peter De Costa
Dissertation: The Power of Language Ideologies: Designer Immigrants Learning English in Singapore
Dissertation director: Jane Zuengler
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages, and core faculty within the Second Language Studies PhD Program and the Master of Arts in TESOL Program, Michigan State University

María del Carmen De Avila
Dissertation: Spanish Language Shift and the Linguistic Repertoires of Second-Generation Zacatecanos in Chicago
Dissertation director: Diana Frantzen

Sandra Descourtis
Dissertation: Teaching and Learning French Variations: Attitudes and Beliefs of Educators and Students in Higher Education in the United States
Dissertation directors: Gail Prasad and Kate Vieira

Isabelle Drewelow
Dissertation: The Influence of Instructed Learning on American College Students’ Cultural Assumptions About the French Language and People
Dissertation director: Sally Magnan
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Classics, University of Alabama

Christine Elliott
Dissertation: Locally Situated Literacies and the Challenges of English Language Education in Laos
Dissertation directors: Margaret Hawkins and Jane Zuengler
Current Affiliation: English Language Institute, University of Delaware

Işıl Erduyan
Dissertation: Multilingual Construction of Identity: German-Turkish Students in Berlin
Dissertation directors: Maggie Hawkins and Jane Zuengler
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Language Education, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Sara Farsiu
Dissertation:Migration, Language, and Feelings of Belonging: A Linguistic Ethnography of Iranian Migrants in Germany
Dissertation director: Katrina Thompson

Paula Garrett-Rucks
Dissertation: Language Learners’ Mediation of Cultural Perspectives Through Online Discussions
Dissertation director: Sally Magnan
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Second Language Acquisition, World Languages & Culture Coordinator, Georgia State University

Hadis Ghaedi (2023)
Dissertation: English as Second Language Undergraduate Chinese Students’ Perceptions of Their English Writing Practices and L2 Writing Self in Four Different Writing Contexts of ESL Courses, Academic Major Classes, Personal Pleasure, and Professional Communication
Dissertation director: Monika Chavez
Current affiliation: C0-director, Writing Center and ESL Services at the University of North Carolina.

Ryan Goble
Dissertation: The Construction of Language Learners’ Multilingual-Professional Identities and Trajectories in Career Advising Appointments: A Figured Worlds Perspective
Dissertation director: Catherine Stafford

Lauren Goodspeed
Dissertation: In others’ words: Learner practices and perspectives of textual borrowing in the foreign language classroom
Dissertation director: Heather Willis Allen
Current Affiliation: Lecturer in French, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Jennifer Gray
Dissertation: American L1 English Learner Perceptions of the Nativeness Issue in FL Teaching and Its Influence on Future Language Learning Self-perceptions
Dissertation director: Monika Chavez

Colleen Hamilton
Dissertation: Bilingualism as a Borderlands: Spanish-English Bilingual Youth’s Bilingual Mestiza Consciousness and Designed Schooling Trajectories
Dissertation director: Mariana Pacheco
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor of ESL/Bilingual Education, National Louis University

Shenika Harris
Dissertation: Multicompetence in Foreign Language Writing: Function, Effects, and Beliefs
Dissertation director: Diana Frantzen
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Spanish, Lindenwood University

Atsushi Hasegawa
Dissertation: Learner Construction of Task-in-Process: A Conversation Analytic Study Semiscripted Peer Interaction
Dissertation director: Sally Magnan and Junko Mori
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Linguistics, East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Suyeon Kim
Dissertation: Gesture in a Second Language: Resources for Communication and Cognitive Mediation
Dissertation director: Mitchell Nathan and Richard Young
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor and Director, English Education Center, Anyang University, South Korea

Akira Kondo
Dissertation: From Being to Becoming, Becoming to Being: A Critical Examination of Racialized Identities and Language Learning in the United States
Dissertation directors: Maggie Hawkins
Current affiliation: Applied AI, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Jina Lee
Dissertation: Talking to the Self: Private Speech by Adult Korean-English Bilinguals
Dissertation director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: Professor, Chair of the Department of English Education, Sangmyung University, South Korea

Yang Liu
Dissertation: A Study of L2 Chinese Learners’ Motivational Self System
Dissertation director: Richard Young

Paul Madden
Dissertation: Ambivalent Perceptions of L2 English: A Case Study of Neoliberal Globalization at an Elite Chinese University
Dissertation director: Francois Tochon
Current affiliation: Lecturer, English as a Second Language Program, Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Aree Manosuthikit
Dissertation: Language Ideologies and Practices of a Burmese Community in the U.S.: A Critical Perspective on Multilingualism
Dissertation director: Jane Zuengler
Current affiliation: School of Language and Communication, National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, Thailand

Nelly Martin
Dissertation: Bahasa gado-gado in Indonesian popular texts: Expanding Indonesian identities through code-switching with English
Dissertation director: Katrina Daly Thompson
Current affiliation: Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Auckland University of Technology

Margaret Merrill
Dissertation: Communities of Foreign Language Teachers as a Source of Professional Development
Dissertation director: Diana Frantzen
Current affiliation: Instructional Design/Educational Technologist, University of California, Davis

Fatemeh Mirsharifi
Dissertation: Learning a foreign language as ‘strategy’: Attitudes of learners of ‘strategic’ languages (Arabic and Persian) and local heritage languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) toward foreign language communities
Dissertation director: Monika Chavez

Ae Ree Nam
Dissertation: Exploring Motivation and Persistence in Foreign Language Learning Among Students in University Korean Courses
Dissertation director: Monika Chavez
Affiliation: Lecturer, Leiden University, Netherlands

Sandrine Pell
Dissertation: Franco-Maghrebi students’ negotiation of identities in a rural French high-school
Dissertation director: Richard Young

Brajesh Samarth
Dissertation: Attrition and Maintenance of Home Languages in the Indian-Diaspora in the United States
Dissertation director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: Senior Lecturer and Language Coordinator in Hindi-Urdu, Emory University

Kazeem Sanuth
Dissertation: Linguistic Practices and Language Ideology in Yoruba Study Abroad
Dissertation director: Katrina Daly Thompson
Current affiliation: Director of National African Language Resource Center, Indiana University Bloomington

Chiharu Shima
Dissertation: Language Socialization Process of Indonesian and Filipino Nurses in Japan
Dissertation director: Junko Mori
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Graduate School of Global Communication and Language, Akita International University, Japan

Scott Stillar (2023)
Dissertation: Teaching Whiteness as a Second Language: Raciolinguistic Perspectives on Standardized American English within a Post-Secondary English Language Education Space
Dissertation director: Mariana Pacheco

Chen Sun
Dissertation: Personal Histories of Chinese EFL Teachers in Moments of their Language Teaching
Dissertation director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: Lecturer, University of California at Riverside

Sandra Elena Terra
Dissertation: Teachers’ Language Perspectives and Educational Practices in Mozambique: Narratives, Legitimate Spaces and Bilingual Implementation
Dissertation director: Maggie Hawkins
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Spanish, Linfield University

Elizabeth Tremmel
Dissertation: The Disciplinary Identity Construction of International Graduate Students: Positioning Across Contexts
Dissertation director: Richard Young
Current affiliation: Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, Dartmouth College

Marina Tsylina (2023)
Dissertation: The Perspectives of Learners, Non-Native-Speaker and Native-Speaker Teachers, and Non-Teacher Native Speakers on the Quality of L2 Russian Writing
Dissertation directors: Monika Chavez and Karen Evans-Romaine
Current affiliation: Columbia University

Gordon West (2023)
Dissertation: Tracing Global Narratives: Examining Meaning Making and Positioning of Youth in Transnational Digital Communications
Dissertation directors: Maggie Hawkins

Robin Worth
Dissertation: Learner Resistance in the Foreign Language Classroom
Dissertation directors: Sally Sieloff Magnan and Thomas D. Cravens
Current affiliation: Scientist, Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative, Consortium for Policy Research in Education, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Snezhana Zheltoukhova
Dissertation: Tutoring in a Russian Flagship Program: Student and Tutor Perceptions and Their Organizational Representation
Dissertation directors: Karen Evans-Romaine and François Tochon
Affiliation: Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian and Language Commons Director, Stetson University

Bingjie Zheng
Dissertation: Appropriating and Legitimating Chinese-English Dual Language Learning: A Multisite Ethnographic Study of Language Policy, Repertoires, and Socialization
Dissertation director: Maggie Hawkins
Affiliation: Qualitative UX Researcher, AnswerLab