Prof. Cathy Stafford:

Interim Program Coordinator

Jana Martin:

Financial and Payroll Specialist

Malliga Somasundaram:

PhD Minor

Minor Advisor:

Prof. Naomi Geyer:

Students wishing to minor in SLA should first contact the relevant SLA committee member in their department who will refer them to the chair of the SLA minor program. Students declaring the minor are required to meet with the SLA Minor Advisor before registering for SLA minor courses.

SLA Faculty and Academic Staff

Core SLA members advise, direct, or co-direct dissertations of students in the program. Their research focuses on Second Language Acquisition, as demonstrated in publications, presentations at research conferences, professional service activities, and/or graduate teaching.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate SLA faculty and academic staff teach courses related to SLA, co-advise dissertations, and may serve on administrative committees.

SLA Graduate Student Organization (SLAG)

Co-chairs: Hadis Ghaedi and Ryan Goble

Social chair: Sandra Descourtis

Steering committee representative: Ryan Goble

Information guru: Chen Sun

2019 Symposium co-chairs: Scott Stillar, Gordon West, and Bingjie Zheng

SLA Listserves (includes all SLA-affiliated students and faculty)