Mathilde Garnier

Credentials: Advisors: Heather Allen and Julia Goetze


After earning a B.A in English language, literature and civilization from University Paris XII (Créteil, France), I started a master’s degree in American civilization at the same institution. After completing the first year of my Master’s, I worked as a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant in French at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, thanks to an exchange program with my university in France. At Wesleyan, I have had the opportunity to teach French to elementary and intermediate levels students and became very interested in teaching French as a foreign language. Therefore, I decided to complete a Master’s degree in French studies, with a concentration in French Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, at the University of Arizona, where I also taught French at the elementary and intermediate levels. During my time at the UofA, I became interested in L2 assessment, learners’ individual differences and differentiated instruction within the L2 classroom.

I joined the SLA doctoral program in 2021. My current research interests include L2 teacher’s psychology including teacher emotions, cognition, and professional development.