Martiniano Etchart

Credentials: Advisors: Cathy Stafford and Julia Goetze


An Argentina native, I joined the Second Language Acquisition Doctoral Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2021. Prior to coming to UW, I completed my undergraduate degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in my home country, where I graduated with honors, and I earned a M.A. in Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language from Michigan State University.

I am an English and Spanish language educator as well as a former Fulbright scholar (Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program 2018-2019), and I have more than seven years of experience in the field of (second/foreign language) education.

As an applied linguist, whose work is mainly focused on issues within the school setting at the various levels, I intend to stay pedagogically informed. I am interested in investigating second/foreign language (L2) educators’ and learners’ psychology. Particularly, by utilizing mixed-method approaches, I examine the effect that individuals’ cognitions (e.g., knowledge, perceptions, beliefs) and affects (e.g., motivation, anxiety, grit) can have on their behaviors within the L2 classroom context, and how those factors may influence their L2 outcomes. My main aim is to obtain theory-based information that could be incorporated into the teaching practice to enhance both teachers’ and learners’ experiences, improve their linguistic development, and facilitate their professional and academic achievement as well as their personal growth and wellbeing.

Preferred pronouns: He/him/él
How to pronounce my name: [mar-tee-nee-AH-noh]
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