Martiniano Etchart

Credentials: Advisor: Cathy Stafford


Headshot of Martiniano Etchart

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I joined the SLA Doctoral Program in the Fall Semester of 2021. Prior to coming to UW-Madison, I completed my undergraduate degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in my home country, where I graduated with honors, and I earned my M.A. in Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language from Michigan State University.

In 2018, I was also awarded a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant grant that took me to teach Spanish at University of Arkansas at Monticello for a year, where I also presided over the university’s Foreign Language Club in my role of Cultural Ambassador.

As a language educator, I am interested in studying how L2 instruction affects learners in the acquisition of a foreign/heritage language, and how different (individual) variables of both instructors and students interfere in this process. Thus, my research interests lie primarily in the areas of Instructed Second Language Acquisition, Task-Based Language Teaching, Individual Differences (IDs), Corrective Feedback, and Language Teacher Education. In my research, I also intend to address students’ linguistic and social backgrounds, and aspects related to positive emotion in connection to language learning. My principal aim is to work toward narrowing the gap between research and teaching practice, and obtain theory-based information to successfully incorporate it into the language classroom.

Preferred pronouns: He/Him/Él
How to pronounce my name: [mar-tee-nee-AH-noh]
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