Martiniano Etchart

Credentials: Advisor: Cathy Stafford


Headshot of Martiniano Etchart

An Argentina native, I joined the Second Language Acquisition Doctoral Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2021. Prior to coming to UW, I completed my undergraduate degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in my home country, where I graduated with honors, and I earned a M.A. in Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language from Michigan State University.

I am an English and Spanish language educator as well as a former Fulbright scholar (Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program 2018-2019), and I have more than seven years of experience in the field of (second/foreign language) education.

I consider myself an educational linguist, whose research follows a pedagogically-informed focus. I am interested in investigating second/foreign language (L2) educators’ and learners’ psychology. Particularly, by utilizing mixed-method approaches, I examine the effect that different conative and affective variables such as motivation, anxiety, and/or grit can have on individuals’ behavior within the language classroom setting, and how those factors may influence their L2 outcomes. My main aim is to obtain theory-based information to successfully incorporate it into the L2 classroom practice to better improve students’ linguistic development and facilitate their academic achievement.


Preferred pronouns: He/him/él
How to pronounce my name: [mar-tee-nee-AH-noh]
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