Jacee Cho

Position title: Associate Professor, Dept of English, Language(s): English Language and Linguistics

Email: jacee.cho@wisc.edu

Research Interests:

I was a Russian language teacher (but I am a native speaker of Korean) before I went to the University of Iowa to study Second Language Acquisition. My research focuses on learnability problems within the framework of generative linguistics, or the theory of Universal Grammar. I am interested in how expressions of definiteness are interpreted and acquired in a second language. I am currently working on a multidirectional study (English-Russian-Korean) on the acquisition of definiteness. I would like to work with students who are interested in investigating second language acquisition of syntax and semantics using psycholinguistic methodologies. I teach courses in second language acquisition, first language acquisition, and syntax

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Selected courses:

  • Eng 318 Second Language Acquisition
  • Eng 715 Advanced Second Language Acquisition
  • Eng 420 Topics in ELL: Child Language Acquisition
  • Eng 314 Structure of English
  • Eng 420 Topics in ELL: Experimental Syntax