Image with lightbulb and four icons, the capitol, a handshake, a lectern, and a globe, each representing one of the four themes of these meetings

SLA Share Outs

SLA Share Outs are informative meetings for SLA students, faculty, and staff, that will take place several times throughout the 2021-22 academic year.  This year’s themes are below.

SLA Faculty/Staff and Their Research
Meet and continue to get to know the members of the SLA Steering Committee, and learn more about their research and expertise.

The Professional Future Self
Set career goals, prepare job applications and related materials, learn more about professional engagement as a graduate student in conferences, publications, professional organizations and how to collaborate and network.

Life as a Faculty Member
Learn about the three areas of activity in which faculty members are engaged. Learn too how the same job title can have different duties due to variation across ranks, institutions, departments/programs, and individuals.

Where in the World is SLA?

Learn about the interdisciplinarity of SLA and the ramifications – boon vs. bane. Look at the relationship between SLA and teaching. Discover what life as a language program director is like.

Fall 2021 Schedule

4:00-5:00 pm, Monday, September 20: Virtual office hour with SLA Program Director, Monika Chavez. Preview upcoming events and ask questions about the program, the field, etc.

Icon of lecternIcon of capitol building  Monday, October 25, 12:00 -1:00 pm: Life as a faculty member at an R1 institution/meet the SLA faculty.

The following panelists will join us:

  • Assistant Professor Juliet Huynh, Department of English
  • Professor Junko Mori, SLA Program and Department of Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Associate Professor Mariana Pacheco, SLA Program and Department of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Associate Professor Cathy Stafford, SLA Program and Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Icon of world Icon of capitol building  Monday, November 8, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm: Life as a Language Program Director/meet the SLA faculty

The following panelists will join us:

  • Assistant Faculty Associate Adeola Agoke, Department of African Cultural Studies
  • Faculty Associate Jaerin Ahn, Department of Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Associate Professor Heather Willis Allen, SLA Program and Department of French & Italian
  • Faculty Associate Erlin Barnard, Department of Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Lecturer and Director of Lower-Division French Lauren Goodspeed, SLA Program Alum and University of MN Twin Cities Department of French & Italian
  • Associate Professor Rajiv Rao, Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Director of Language Sciences